Author: nelson

Where did you go?

Well y’all, it’s been a minute. What follows is the long overdue answer to the very reasonable questions that I have received innumerable times since closing the bar; what happened, what are you doing now, will you reopen, and where can I buy good wine? If the below is a bit long winded, you have […]

Italy 5: Big is Beautiful

Before we get too far into this: all of y’all who are drinking along, break out the ice bucket and the coupes, we’re drinking Contratto Brut! I will admit every predisposition against large wineries and established brands. Generally, the advertising needs of an internationally recognized brand do nothing for the winemaking, and the production needs […]

Italy 4: Old Friends and New Vintages

Before we get started, now would be an excellent time for those drinking along to open the fabulous Boca in your Italy case. It loves a bit of air, so pay attention to how it opens up of the next half hour or so. This trip has been as much about old friends as new […]

Italy 3: Wherein Nelson Finds Himself Mistaken

Allow me, for a moment, to summon what humility I can, and admit a prejudice. When I see a wine that is well known, consistent, and widely distributed, I imagine a modern cellar: rows of gleaming tanks, and beautiful botti. I know, as well as anyone, that much of the truly beautiful wine in the […]